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  • Totally Gay (And Almost Happy)

    Totally Gay (And Almost Happy)

    On February 5th 2018, I hosted and performed in Totally Gay And Almost Happy at The Duplex. It was a extremely fun evening featuring songs from "Go" a new musical by Will Buck and Cory Conley. Keep an eye out for their work because they are riduculously talented. 

    It was Directed by Allen MacLeod and featured Hansel Tan, Gary Cooper, Josh Greenblatt, Vishal Vaidya and Jason Pintar with Music Direction by James Rushin, Will Hack on Bass and Kyle Wong on Drums. 

    "Go" follows a gay college senior who obsesses over a go-go dancer he sees online and invents a fake documentary in order to spend time him in person, exploring issues of identity, sex, and relationships in the gay community -- and how you make sense of it all when you're new, and there's no rule book. The piece is based on the 2014 Cory Krueckeberg film "Getting Go: The Go Doc Project.