• Totally Gay (And Almost Happy)

    Totally Gay (And Almost Happy)

    On February 5th 2018, I hosted and performed in Totally Gay And Almost Happy at The Duplex. It was a extremely fun evening featuring songs from "Go" a new musical by Will Buck and Cory Conley. Keep an eye out for their work because they are riduculously talented. 

    It was Directed by Allen MacLeod and featured Hansel Tan, Gary Cooper, Josh Greenblatt, Vishal Vaidya and Jason Pintar with Music Direction by James Rushin, Will Hack on Bass and Kyle Wong on Drums. 

    "Go" follows a gay college senior who obsesses over a go-go dancer he sees online and invents a fake documentary in order to spend time him in person, exploring issues of identity, sex, and relationships in the gay community -- and how you make sense of it all when you're new, and there's no rule book. The piece is based on the 2014 Cory Krueckeberg film "Getting Go: The Go Doc Project.

  • Jessica Vosk & 2Scoops: 2gether Again

    Jessica Vosk & 2Scoops: 2gether Again

    Jessica Vosk and I go way back and it's been so fun and exciting watching her become a full fledged STAR. 2Scoops and Jessica Vosk also have a long history. She was our very first guest star playing  French Canadian pop star, Victoria Dijonaise (You can watch it here) then 2Scoops guest starred in Jessicas show You Asked For It ( You can watch it here) and again crashed the party in her most recent cabaret Being Green at 54 Below. 

    It ran three nights Feb 1-3. Directed by Robbie Rozelle and Music Directed by Mary-Mitchell Campbell. With special guest stars Matthew Morrison, Kara Lindsay, Andy Mientus and of course ya girlz, 2Scoops. Jessica's fans are WILD and Aaron and I had so much fun running around 54 Below and singing with the incredible live band. 

    PS - That last photo was taken roughly 1 million years ago when Jess and I ran into each other auditioning for a production of Cabaret that neither one of us booked. 

  • Zzzzz.

    Whoops. I've been sleeping on updating my website. Updates coming soon! - Adam

  • Good Bitch Goes Down at Boise Contemporary Theater

    I'm back at Boise Contemporary Theater with my own show Good Bitch Goes Down

    I had the most wonderful time in Boise, Idaho playing Hedwig in Hedwig and The Angry Inch in the fall of 2016. I met the most wonderful, generous musicians, artists and technicians who gave their all and created something really special and it's happening again...Only this time with a show I WROTE! I'm still pinching myself. 

    Artistic Director, Matt Clark invited me to bring this show as a season add on. GBGD was a cabaret I wrote and performed at Joe's Pub a while back. I spent the last few months re-writing and the incredibly talented team at BCT turned my wierd little show into a big f*cking weird show and I'm so proud. 

    Directed by Tracy Sunderland

    With Thomas Paul, Melanie Radford, Riley Johnson and Louis McFarland and Chantell Fuller.

    Original songs by David Clement, Erin Hall, Brooke Fox & Kurt Gellersted and Sharon Kenny!

    Good Bitch Goes Down plays BCT January 10th - 20th. 

    Video above by Cody Gittings and Chaz Gentry

  • 2Scoops Christmas Special!

    It's the Christmas special you never knew you wanted. 2Scoops! in Christmas? Already?! 

    Aaron Fuksa and I wrote it and star as Dana & Deena. 

    Chris Ford at Glamsmash Productions Directed, edited and did a million things to make it happen.

    Special Guests include Amanda Duarte (Dead Darlings), Amy Lynn (Amy Lynn and the Honey Men), Michael Damian Fasano (Jersey Boys) and Jayson Kerr (Jesus Christ Superstar)! 

    It's our largest and most ambitious project to date and Aaron, Chris and I are really proud of it. I'm adding this update after the holidays but I think you will all agree, it's a modern classic that can be enjoyed all year round. 

  • Eastsiders, Season 3 has arrived!

    Eastsiders, Season 3 has arrived!

    As of today the new episodes are available. You can find Season 3 on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play and DVD from Wolfe Video. I laughed and cried watching the very funny and very sweet first episode just minutes ago...looking forward to tearing through the whole season tonight. You can spot me in the final episode, East of Eden also featuring Wison Cruz! 

    Fun fact: I shot this scene at the front desk of one of my absolute favorite places The Modern Hotel in Boise while I was there doing Hedwig last year. 


  • 2Scoops in Time Out

    2Scoops in Time Out

    We were so busy getting the 2Scoops: Legally Oblig8ted together I forgot to post THIS. Time Out New York printed this VERY, VERY LARGE feature of 2Scoops in the comedy section of their September. This is Aaron Fuksa and I pretending to not want attention on the N train on our way to soundcheck. 

  • EASTSIDERS Season 3 is coming out on November 28th! You can spot me as Jesse in the final episode East of Eden also featuring Wilson Cruz. I can't wait to see it!

  • Good Bitch Goes Down...again.

    Good Bitch Goes Down...again.

    I'm returning to Boise Contemporary Theater to do a run of my show Good Bitch Goes Down January 10th - 20th and I'm so excited. 

    I flew back to Boise past weekend to host their yearly gala and give a sneak peak preview of GBGD. It was SO MUCH FUN. I also got to see a lot of friends I made during Hedwig last year and reunite with the AWESOME musicians who played the Angry Inch. We ended the night with a quick change and a surprise visit from Hedwig and the band. 

    THE ANGRY INCH! Melanie Radford (Bass) Tracy Sunderland (Director) Tess Worstell (Yitzhak) Thomas Paul (Guitar and band leader) and Loius McFarland (Drums)

    Hedwig and her husband. Tess Worstell played Yitzhak and is A STAR. Please excuse my beard and 15 minute makeup job.