Good Bitch Goes Down

You follow all the rules. You swallow all the baloney and still you find yourself left behind. You're heartbroken. You're taking a pounding from life without even the consideration of a reach around. Sound familiar? You're a bitch. You're a good bitch, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. 

Part self-help seminar, part autobiographical exorcism, full rock concert, GOOD BITCH GOES DOWN will show you how one man went from heartbroken to heartbreaker in 60 song-filled minutes. 

I wrote this show, produced it and performed it throughtout 2014/2015 at Joe's Pub. GBGD will be back for another round at Boise Contemporary Theater January 2018. For tickets click HERE!

Original songs by Brooke Fox and Kurt Gellersted , Sharon Kenny and David Clement.

Directed by John J Caswell Jr and Choreography by Deborah Wolfson. Music Directed by Mike Greco.


With Aaron Fuksa and Kerry Mendelson. The kick ass band comprised of Steve Dawson, Jimmy Caputo, Oskar Häggdahl, Wade Ridenhour, Mason Ingram and Sean Spada.